Talk n Text 1200 Plan - $29.95

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PagePlus Talk n Text 1200 Plan

Talk n Text 1200 - $29.95

$29.95 PIN - Buy Now - Page Plus Refill
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Talk n Text 1200 Monthly Plan + 500MB
1,200 Minutes / 3,000 SMS Text Messages / 500 MB Data
At $29.95 Buy Now - Page Plus Refill a month, this is the most cost-effective plan for most people with average usage of voice calling, text and data usage.  The Talk n Text 1200 plan includes 1,200 domestic voice minutes, 3,000 domestic text messages (SMS), and 500 MB of data – more of each than the average person uses in a month.  It is an especially good plan for people who are paying more per month for unlimited plans yet are not using as many minutes/messages/MB of data as this plan provides.

New Rates Once Activated
The Talk n Text 1200 plan is $29.95 per month for 1,200 domestic voice minutes, 3,000 domestic text, and 500 MB of data transfer.  Once you activate this plan, it will be renewed automatically every 30 days.  Your mobile phone account will be debited $29.95 each month, so you must have this amount available in your account ((in the form of a TnT 1200 PIN or sufficient cash balance) for automatic renewal.  The term "automatic renewal" does NOT mean we are going to bill your credit card - it just means that we will renew your Talk n Text 1200 plan if you have put (i.e. "prepaid") the money into your account.  It is up to YOU to put "money" (in the form of a Standard Plan or TnT 1200 "PIN") into your account!  To put money in your account, go to our PIN refill page and purchase a Talk n Text 1200 PIN for $29.95 Buy Now - Page Plus Refill.  To load your PIN, follow the instructions found on our PIN loading information page. 

You can use Page Plus Standard Plan PIN's to renew this plan.  You can also use a Talk n Text 1200 card for renewal; however, loading an additional $29.95 card during the 30-day plan period will only add a $29.95 "stacked" PIN credit to your account to be used on your renewal date (unless you specifically call Page Plus Customer Service and ask them to manually restart your plan.  Please Note: By doing this, you will lose whatever value was left in the original plan, and a new 30-day cycle will begin.  Any minutes, texts, or data that you had left in the old plan will NOT rollover.).    Any "stacked" TnT 1200 PIN's will not “replenish” or "increase" the minutes/messages/data for the current month.  Only Standard Plan PIN's and cards can be used to cover service feature charges and overage's. 

TnT Subscription PIN's can be pre-loaded or "stacked" safely, but NEVER load more than 120 days in advance because all Page Plus cards automatically expire 120 days after they are loaded.  Only Standard Plan PIN's can be used to offset any overages or service feature charges that you may incur. 

TnT Subscription PIN's are now reserved EXCLUSIVELY for renewing TnT Subscription Plans.  No longer can TnT Subscription Plan PIN's to be used to cover overage/service feature charges.  This means that you can now "stack" several TnT PIN's on your account without the fear of unintentionally eroding their intended value.  For example, if you go over on your voice minutes, text, data usage (500 mb limit per month), or use any other service feature that triggers a charge (see chart below), any TnT PIN's that you have pre-loaded or "stacked" on your account will NOT be used to cover the overage/service feature charges.  If you have any funds in your account (other than TnT PIN's), those funds will be used to to cover overage/service feature charges.  On the other hand, if you have a $0.00 remaining cash balance, and you try to send an international text, the message just won't be sent and you will receive an "insufficient funds" error message.

To Activate the Talk n Text 1200 Monthly Plan
All customers (including current Unlimited Talk n Text customers) wanting to "downgrade" to the Talk n Text 1200 Plan will need to add an initial Talk n Text 1200 PIN in order to subscribe to the TnT 1200 Plan.  The TnT 1200 PIN will be "stacked" (or reserved) until the plan renewal date.  Once subscribed, customers can use Standard Plan PIN's or Talk n Text 1200 PIN's to make sure that the necessary balance is available to renew the plan.

Service Charge Rate
Monthly Fee Monthly for 1,200 domestic voice minutes and 3,000 text/picture* messages, & 500 MB of data $29.95/month†
Overage Charge - Voice per minute over 1,200 in one month
Overage Charge - MMS per multimedia message over 3,000 in one month
Overage Charge - Text per text over 3,000 in one month
Calls to Puerto Rico per minute 12¢
Calls to Mexico, Canada & Guam per minute 34¢
Calls to Mexico - Cellular per minute 49¢
Calls to All Other Countries per minute $1.50
Calls within Canada, Puerto Rico, & U.S. Virgin Islands per minute 60¢
Calls While Roaming per minute 29¢
International Text Messaging per message sent or received 20¢
Text Messages within Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands per message SENT 50¢
Text Messages within Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands per message RECEIVED 25¢
Data Transport Overage* per MB 5¢ per MB (over 500 MB)
Directory Assistance (411) per call + per minute $1.25 + airtime
If the service plan is unable to renew (e.g., because of insufficient available funds), voice calls will be billed at 5¢ per minute and text messages will be billed at 5¢ per message until the plan can be renewed.
*Data Transport is used to transmit and receive data for picture messaging (MMS), mobile web (WAP), app downloads (BREW), e-mail and all other standard applications that require data not listed here.  This rate applies if you exceed the 500 MB included in the plan or if the plan did not renew (e.g., because of insufficient available funds or failing to load the TnT 1200 Subscription Plan PIN).

If you use more than the included minutes/messages/data in this plan, you will be charged the overage rates listed above.
Need More Data?
Do you need more data usage than your monthly plan includes?  No problem - it's easy to get more.  By simply adding an extra cash balance onto your account with a $10 or $25 Standard PIN, you can use that extra balance for data usage.

For example, if you're on the Talk n Text 1200 plan and you run out of data before your renewal date, you can simply add a $10 Standard PIN onto your account, and at the plan overage rate of $.5/MB, you will have an extra 500 MB of data usage.  Similarly, a $25 PIN will give you an additional 500 MB.  (Note: Data overage rates vary by plan).  Plus, this extra data will roll over if it's not all used in the current month.

Account Balance
Page Plus Cellular holds your account balance in US Dollars.  When you use a service, your account will be charged at the rate listed above.  Use typically begins when you answer a call, and continues until you end the call or it is otherwise terminated.

Account Life Cycle
The Talk n Text 1200 plan renews automatically every month.  In order to keep your Page Plus service active, you must add funds within 60 days from your last replenishment.  Failure to do so will result in a loss of your balance and trigger a 30-day grace period, after which your phone number will be deactivated.  Don't confuse "account life cycle" with the "monthly renewal cycle." 

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