Change your Phone (Also known as "ESN/MEID Change) 

ESN/MEID Change - Just $4.99!

For existing Page Plus customers only!  Use this form if you want to change your existing phone to a different phone.  Please be sure your phone is compatible with Page Plus before attempting to change your ESN/MEID (see our list of compatible phones)

ESN/MEID Change Requests are processed automatically 22 hours a day, 7 days a week (holidays and weekends included)!  However, the system is down nightly from 11:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. EST for maintenance.  When your new ESN/MEID change request is complete (usually within 5 minutes), you will receive an e-mail (please check your spam or junk e-mail - our e-mail will usually end up there) containing instructions on how to activate your "new" phone.  Your change request will be processed after checkout through (If you are having trouble getting the Paypal page to come up, please try using a different browser).

*****ATTENTION 4G USERS:  FLASHING is REQUIRED every time you change phones - even if your phone was already flashed, it will need to be REFLASHED!!*****

Your phone's ESN/MEID can usually be found on the back of the phone AFTER you remove the battery (it will NOT be on the battery!).  Please do NOT use the ESN/MEID from the box - some sellers recycle boxes, so it could be wrong.  The number is usually under or above the barcodes.  It is NOT the pESN, FCC ID or the S/N.  It may be labeled as DEC, HEX, or IMEI (4G models).  It can also be found in the phone's settings menu, usually under "about phone."  But on newer phones (especially phones with a SIM Card), it can only be found by removing the battery.  Also, if your 4G phone begins with "99000...," you will need to leave the last digit off the ESN/MEID/IMEI. 

What kind of phone will work on Page Plus?

Basically, CDMA phones will work on Page Plus.  VERIZON 3G phones will work right out of the box - no modification necessary.  Verizon 4G phones will work too, but only if they are FLASHED.  Alltel branded devices will only work for voice and text only, so try to stay away from them.  Sprint and US Cellular phones will work as well, but again, only if they are FLASHED!

Check out our list of compatible phones that will work on Page Plus.

Buying a phone - tips

Buying a Gently Used Phone:  If you don't already have a phone that you can use on the Page Plus Network (see our "compatibility list"), you may want to consider getting a "guaranteed-to-work" phone, like the ones listed here:

            Verizon Samsung Galaxy s3            
Apple iPhone 4        Verizon Motorola Droid
Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3

Gently Used Phone - This phone includes a FREE flash to Page Plus.  It will work for voice, text, and data on the Page Plus Network.

Free Shipping - $239.99

More Information

Verizon Apple iPhone 4

Gently Used Phone - Will work on the Page Plus Network for voice, text, and data. 

Free Shipping - $199.88

More Information

Verizon Motorola Droid

Gently Used Phone - This phone works for voice, text, and data on the Page Plus Network. 

Free Shipping - $59.99

More Information

More phone models available - see all Pageplus phones here

Wherever you decide to purchase your cell phone, just be sure it is not on the fraud / frozen list (phones that have been reported to Verizon as lost or stolen will end up on this list).  If you are in doubt, you can use our ESN/MEID Compatibility and Fraud Check Service. 

Attention Newbies:  Do NOT buy your phone on Craigslist!!  99% of all phones sold on Craigslist have been reported as lost, stolen or non-pay and CANNOT be activated on the Page Plus Network.

A Successful ESN/MEID Change is determined by the following:

  1. The ESN/MEID number(s) for BOTH the old and new phone must be correct (if one digit or letter is incorrect, the change will not be successful and we will have to manually intervene and correct the mistake).

  2. Your "new" phone MUST BE a COMPATIBLE device (preferably Verizon, but Sprint (must be flashed), US Cellular (must be flashed), and some OLDER Alltel models will work). 

  3. You phone must have a "clean" ESN/MEID.  If it was reported as lost, stolen, fraudulent, or non-pay on the Verizon Network, it will NOT work on the Page Plus Network.  Attention Newbies:  Do NOT buy your phone on Craigslist!!  99% of all phones sold on Craigslist have been reported as lost, stolen or non-pay and CANNOT be activated on the Page Plus Network.

  4. Your number must NOT be suspended due to non-renewal of the Talk n Text plan.  If your phone number is out of minutes or your plan has expired, please add money or renew it BEFORE you attempt to change your phone.  Your ESN/MEID change cannot completed with this form until you add money to your account or renew your plan. 

  5. The NEW phone you are switching to cannot already be active on Page Plus.  If it is already active, we will need to MANUALLY make the change for you (we work everyday of the year, holidays included).  You will receive an e-mail from us when we have successfully completed the change.

  6. For faster service, please avoid submitting your ESN/MEID Change request between the hours of 11:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. EST - the system is usually down for maintenance at this time.  All ESN/MEID Change requests submitted during this maintenance window will be processed at 8:00 a.m. EST the following morning.

For more information, see our compatible phones guide

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