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What's included:  If you have an existing phone number (with another carrier) that you would like to port over to Page Plus, then you are at the right place!  All new "Port Requests" include a free $2.00 credit balance, which can be used for 16 voice minutes (or 13 texts). 

Are you on the right page?  This porting page is for changing your service provider to Page Plus.  If you already have Page Plus Service and just want to change your phone, please visit our Change your Phone page.  Or, if you just want to activate new service and receive a new number, please use our New Service Activation Form

Page Plus Cellular Port-In Form


*****ATTENTION 4G USERS:  FLASHING is REQUIRED every time you change the number on your phone - even if your phone was already flashed, it will need to be REFLASHED AFTER you port it*****

Your phone's ESN/MEID can usually be found on the back of the phone AFTER you remove the battery (it will NOT be on the battery!).  Please do NOT use the ESN/MEID from the box - some sellers recycle boxes, so it could be wrong.  The number is usually under or above the barcodes.  It is NOT the pESN, FCC ID or the S/N.  It may be labeled as DEC, HEX, or IMEI (4G models).  It can also be found in the phone's settings menu, usually under "about phone."  But on newer phones (especially phones with a SIM Card), it can only be found by removing the battery.

What kind of phone will work on Page Plus?

Basically, CDMA phones will work on Page Plus.  VERIZON 3G phones will work right out of the box - no modification necessary.  Verizon 4G phones will work too, but only if they are FLASHED.  Alltel branded devices will only work for voice and text only, so try to stay away from them.  Sprint and US Cellular phones will work as well, but again, only if they are FLASHED!

Check out our list of compatible phones that will work on Page Plus.

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More Information about Porting your number to Page Plus:

All port requests are processed 7 days a week (Holidays included)!  Most port requests are completed within 15 minutes to 1 hour, while other require more attention, and therefore, do take longer (48 hours or more in some extreme cases). 

A successful port depends upon a variety of factors:
  1. The passcode, account number, account holder's name, etc. must match exactly what your current carrier has on file.
  2. All past due balances should be paid before you attempt to port your mobile number (this does not apply to contract customers that are up-to-date with their payments).
  3. Your phone number should still be ACTIVE with your current carrier.  Please do NOT cancel your service!  If your service is not active, the port will be unsucessful.
  4. Remember, you are responsible for any early termination fees your current carrier may charge.  
  5. Porting will cancel your service with your previous provider. 
  6. Your phone MUST BE COMPATIBLE with the Page Plus Network and NOT on the Fraud/Frozen List.
  7. You phone must have a "clean" ESN/MEID.  If it was reported as lost, stolen, fraudulent, or non-pay on the Verizon Network, it will NOT work on the Page Plus Network.  Attention Newbies:  Do NOT buy your phone on Craigslist!!  99% of all phones sold on Craigslist have been reported as lost, stolen or non-pay and CANNOT be activated on the Page Plus Network.

When your port request is complete, you will receive an e-mail containing activation instructions.

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