FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q.  I want mobile phone service from Page Plus.  What is my first step?

Well, that depends.  Here are a couple of scenarios: 

  • If you already have a mobile phone number (and phone) with another carrier, you can port your existing number over to Page Plus.  There is NO COST and most port requests can be completed in just 2 hours or less.  But please do NOT cancel your existing phone service!  Your phone must be active with your current carrier for the port to be successful.  Your mobile phone must be compatible with the Page Plus Network.

  • If you have NO mobile phone service, and need us to assign you a new mobile number, you can activate new service on our website for FREE!  Activations usually take less than 10 minutes.  All you need is a mobile phone that is compatible with the Page Plus Network.  Any Verizon-branded phone will work, as long as the device has not been blacklisted (usually because it was reported as lost stolen).  If you don't already have a phone that you can use on the PagePlus Network (see our compatible phone list), you may want to consider getting a phone through an online retailer via Mr. Rebates.  By joining Mr. Rebates first, you will automatically receive a $5 rebate just for opening a Mr Rebates account (it's free!) plus a 1% discount for all your Best Buy, New Egg or Buy.com purchases (and even higher discounts at over 1,000 other stores).

  • Once your number has been assigned or ported successfully, follow the activation instructions contained in your confirmation e-mail (in most cases, you will need to complete "over-the-air programming" by dialing (star) *22890 and then "send or call" to activate your device.  Wait for confirmation that your phone has been programmed successfully.  BUT YOUR NOT DONE YET - You will still need to complete one outgoing long distance call (an incoming call will NOT work - it must be an outgoing call with the area code first) to complete the activation process.  During this outgoing call, listen carefully to the automated message, and press either press "1" for English or "2" for Spanish when prompted.  The call should then go through to the phone number you called. Congratulations!  You have sucessfully activated your phone on the Page Plus Network! 

  • If for some reason you were not able to successfully activate your phone, do NOT proceed any further.  You will need to have an active and functioning phone to proceed to the next step.  This is your FINAL WARNING.  THINK about it - don't put a plan on a non-functioning phone number!  Unfortunately, we cannot provide a refund if you do this.  Once the Plan / PIN is loaded on your phone number, it cannot be retracted.

  • Proceed to our Auto Refill Page if you have successfully completed step #2 above.

Q.  What mobile phones are compatible on the Page Plus Network?

In general, ALL Verizon phones are compatible EXCEPT for Blackberries, Pre-paid Verizon phones, and 4G phones (unless FLASHED), as well as phones that are on the Fraud / Frozen List with Verizon for being reported as lost or stolen.

See our list of compatible phones.

Q.  Can I switch plans?  And what are the rules governing switching?

Yes, when "DOWNGRADING" your plan (i.e., going from a higher priced plan to a lower priced plan), the lesser value plan will be "stacked" on your account until your current plan expires.  The "stacked" plan will be automatically renew on the expiration date of the preceding plan.  This is a benefit of the new "stacking" policy put into effect by Page Plus on September 27th, 2010.  The system waits for the expiration of the original plan BEFORE applying the "stacked" plan, so you don't lose any value of your original plan when downgrading plans. 

"Stacking" will also occur when loading a plan of EQUAL value (for example, loading a TnT 1200 plan on a phone line that is currently on the TnT 1200 plan).

However, this is NOT the case when you are "UPGRADING" your plan (i.e., going from a lower priced plan to a higher priced plan).  For example, applying a TnT Unlimited PIN to a TnT 1200 line will immediately switch you to the TnT Unlimited Plan, irregardless of your original TnT 1200 Plan renewal date.  No "stacking" will occur when UPGRADING your plan and you will lose any value that was left on your now expired TnT 1200 Plan.  If you decide to "upgrade" your plan, please try to load your upgraded PIN as close to your expiration date as possible to avoid losing any value of the unused portion of your original plan.

If you are ever in doubt as to whether your subscription plan (or PIN) loaded correctly, please call customer service at 1-800-550-2436.

The new "stacking" procedure for PIN's has successfully eliminated the majority of renewal problems for customers.  However, we still have our disclaimer for the oddball mishap that could occur, so here goes: 

DISCLAIMER:  No refunds or credits will be given if you lose all or just part of your original subscription plan due to improperly loaded PIN's or other subscription plan switching mishaps.  We are an intermediary provider of Page Plus PIN's, and by purchasing from our website, you agree to take full responsibility for the consequences of your own actions.  We are here to help you, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  We will do our best to help you avoid any costly mistakes!

Q.  Can I pre-load or "stack" my PIN's, or should I wait until my billing cycle ends to load them?

Talk n Text subscription PIN's can be pre-loaded (now called "stacking"), but we recommend that you not "stack" more than 120 days' worth of PIN's (about 3 or 4 Talk n Text subscription PIN's). 

Starting September 27th, 2010, TnT Subscription PIN's are now reserved EXCLUSIVELY for renewing TnT Subscription Plans.  No longer can TnT Subscription Plan PIN's to be used to cover overage/service feature charges.  This means that you can now "stack" several TnT PIN's on your account without fear of unintentionally depleting their intended value. 

All Talk n Text subscription PIN's will be applied in the order they were loaded or "stacked" (i.e. First In - First Out or "FIFO").  Also, remember that loading a "greater value" PIN will IMMEDIATELY" change your plan to the upgraded plan.  Loading a "lesser or equal value" PIN will "stack" on your account. 

Q.  If I don't renew my Talk n Text  subscription plan each month, what happens to my service?  

If there is not enough money in your account to renew your Talk n Text  subscription plan, your phone service will continue to work, but you will be billed at Page Plus's standard rates until your remaining account balance reaches $0.  At this point, your phone will not work.  However, your account will still remain active for 120 days from your last replenishment date.  So, as long as your add any amount of airtime during this 120-day timeframe, your account cycle will be extended for another 120 days, and you won't forfeit any of your remaining account balance.  If you fail to add any amount of airtime 150 days from your last replenishment date, you will lose your phone number and service completely.

Effective May, 2010, Talk n Text Unlimited Plan and Talk n Text 1200 Plan subscribers that fail to renew their monthly subscription plan will automatically be removed from their respective subscription plan and placed on the "standard plan."  In plain English, this means that if you have let your Talk n Text Plan lapse, you will specifically need to load a Talk n Text Unlimited PIN or a Talk n Text 1200 PIN, NOT just a standard face-value PIN to bring up your account balance, as you could in the past.  However, as long as your Talk n Text subscription plan has NOT lasped, adding enough "standard plan" PIN's will still allow it to renew.

Every time you add airtime to your account, your account cycle is extended another 120 days.  Adding just a $10 card to your account will automatically extend your account replenishment cycle for another 120 days, even if it wasn't enough to renew your subscription plan.

For example, lets say you are a Talk n Text  1200 subscriber with a $6.00 account balance.  $6.00 is not enough for the Talk n Text  1200 plan to renew, and you will need to add at least $23.95 to your account if you want your subscription plan to renew.  Your first option would be to purchase a $25 Standard Plan card, which would bring your account balance up to $31.00, which is enough for your Talk n Text  1200 plan to renew successfully.  Or, you could add a Talk n Text  1200 card, which would bump your account balance up to $35.95, more than enough for the plan to renew.  Or, you could even switch plans, and purchase a Talk n Text  Unlimited card which would give you 30 days of immediate service on that plan (and adding an TnT Unlimited Plan will switch you IMMEDIATELY - see previous FAQ for more information on this).

A fourth option would be to do nothing.  Even though your subscription plan will not renew with a $6.00 account balance, you would still have 90 days to add any "standard plan" or any subscription plan PIN to extend your account replenishment cycle for another 120 days.   Keep in mind that if you want to get back on a Talk n Text subscription plan, you will need to specifically load a Talk n Text PIN or card - just adding enough standard PIN's / Cards will not revive your Talk n Text plan under the new rules.

For example, adding a $10 Standard Plan card to your account would not bring your account balance up enough to renew your Talk n Text  1200 subscription plan ($10 + $6 = $16.00).  However, just the action of loading airtime onto your account will restart your account replenishment cycle and extend it for another 120 days, thereby allowing any remaining money on your account to rollover for another 120 days as well.

If you fail to add airtime during your 120-day account cycle, your remaining account balance is automatically forfeited, and a 30-day grace period begins.  You would still have 30 days to add any amount of airtime to your account (thereby restarting another 120-day account cycle) and to keep your same phone number.  If you fail to add airtime during this 30-day grace period, your phone service will be deactivated completely, and you will have to go through the new service activation process all over again.

Q.  I loaded my PIN according to your PIN loading instructions, but my account balance was never credited.

When you load a Talk n Text subscription PIN, it may not necessarily show in your balance, but that doesn't mean that it was not credited to your account.  For example, if you are loading a Talk n Text subscription PIN for the first time, the PIN will be used immediately to start your subscription plan.  The PIN will not show up in your balance because it was used to pay for your first 30 days of service.  Check your plan expiration date and you will notice that your Talk n Text subscription plan is now set to expire 30 days from the date you loaded the PIN.

The only time a Talk n Text subscription PIN should show up in your account balance is if you load or "stack" a new PIN prior to the expiration date your subscription plan.  Loading a standard rate plan PIN will also increase your account balance.

Q.  When I tried to load my PIN, I got an error message that said "Invalid PIN."   What does this mean?

The Page Plus system will often respond with an "invalid PIN" error message when in fact, the PIN was loaded successfully.  This error message is VERY common, so you should double-check your account to see if the PIN was credited properly.  Also, just because the PIN value was not immediately reflected on your account does NOT mean that the replenishment was unsuccessful!  If the Page Plus system is overloaded, it could take 5 to 10 hours before the customer portal reflects your true account balance.

If you ever receive an "invalid PIN" error message, here is what you should do.  First, try to load the PIN again, this time paying close attention not to enter any extra spaces (and enter in the PIN number correctly!).  If you still get an error message, log into your Page Plus account and see if your expiration date was extended or if money was added to your account balance.  If nothing has changed, wait about 2 hours, and check your account again.  If your account still has not been credited, please contact your PIN supplier.  Sometimes, Page Plus actually sells the same PIN to two dealers (yes, this actually does happen).  Your PIN supplier should provide you with a replacement PIN.  Or sometimes, Page Plus fails to activate the PIN, and this causes the "Invalid PIN" error message as well.

Q.  How do I get data (internet) to work on my phone?

We cannot guarantee that data will work on your phone.  But in general, most 3G Droid devices will work for data, whereas the older Verizon "feature" phones will NOT work for data.  The newer 4G LTE phones will work for data if flashed properly.

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